Nac Metal Buildings has been in business for a long time, We are a locally owned and operated manufacturer of metal buildings located in East Texas with10 years’ experience in the industry of metal buildings. All our products are installed by experienced independent contractors, that work hard to provide remarkable products and great service. We provide metal carports that range from basic single and double carports, triple-wide metal carports, RV covers, motor home carports, fifth-wheel shelters, loafing sheds, barns and much more. All of our metal buildings feature heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction for durability. Our standard configuration is 29 gauge roof metal with a 14 gauge tubular steel frame. If you live in an area that receives heavy wind, and rain you might consider upgrading to the stronger 12 gauge steel frame.


Is a Carport worth the money ?
If you don't have a garage, then there are many benefits of buying a carport. Not only can a carport protect your vehicle from wind, rain, snow, and UV rays, but it can also increase the value of your home and provide a versatile space for storage or other purposes.

Is a Metal carport cheaper than wood?
Cost. The cost of a metal carport is significantly less than the cost of wood carports. A metal carport is cheaper starting with the fact that the amount of wasted materials is significantly less than that of wood carports. Forget all of the small unusable pieces of wood and sawdust leftover.

Reasons Metal Carports are Well Worth the Investment
With minimal maintenance, your metal carport will actually increase in value—just like real estate, stock portfolios, or any other lucrative investment. Search your local area for carports for sale and enjoy a wide array of features. Always keep in mind that metal building financing is also an option for metal carports . Metal carports add usable space to your home or business and actually increase your property value. Because metal carports don’t decay like wood buildings, you can increase your return on investment over several years.